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Growtopia Lair is where all the needs of a Growtopian had ever asked
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Growtopia News:

Water has been introduced into the game, it is created by splicing a Bathtub seed and an aqua block seed. Also the summer fest pack has been introduced to the game, its about 5,000 Gems in the store. It will last till this week-end. 

Seth has said ( I think his still thinking about it ) "Angel wings will be back in Valantines Week". So if I were you keep your Angel Wing till December and sell it then buy a LOT of them :).

GrowTopia Market News [ GTMN ] :
Angel Wings: The current price is 65 WL. It will be about 190 WL over in December. So save up your angel wings.
Grow Saber: The prices drops fast for the normal one from 29 WL to 6 WL and same as the rare saber from 60 WL to 28 WL.
Merlin Hat: The price rises fast from 45 WL to 100 WL , it is due that the drop chance is really really low. 
Fiesta Hat: The price drops increasingly fast, from 100 WL to currents price 70 WL. Do not trade it for Merlin because Fiesta Hat will eventually rises over the months.

Seth A Robinson ( Seth ):

Seth has been developing games since he was 15 years old and throughout the years he made a bunch of games.

Seth does all the coding in Growtopia, so basically if something wrong basically is his fault.. I'm joking ..... I love Seth .....

Mike Hommel ( Hamumu ):
He owns and operates Hamumu Software. Hamumu made the game "Dumb" an indie game.

He does all the art in Growtopia, to be honest the art item that he made are preety good, comparing to mine. Also, sometime he does the coding in Growtopia.